Kristopher Brockman, MD, FACEP

Dr. Brickman, the founder and director of the Office of Global Health at The University of Toledo’s College of Medicine and Life Sciences, began his illustrious medical career when he graduated from Wright State University School of Medicine in 1983. He completed an Emergency Medicine residency at St. Vincent Medical Center/Toledo Hospital in 1988.

“To know Kris,” said one of his medical faculty associates, “is to be impressed with his exuberance, his dynamism and his love of life.”

Dr. Brickman developed Northwest Ohio Emergency Services in 1989 and currently is CEO of the organization, which employs approximately 40 physicians. This organization provides emergency staffing at six surrounding hospitals in northwest Ohio including The University of Toledo Medical Center.

Another of Dr. Brickman’s long-term faculty associates noted, “I’ve known many individuals throughout my career but never in all my years have I had the joyful experience of knowing anyone like him. He goes at rocket speed 24/7 and no one can keep up with him.” Where does Kris get the motivation to further distinguish his illustrative medical career not only in the local area, but in the larger world community? In answer to the question one of his faculty colleagues responded, “Kris truly believes that life is too short to be wasted.” He is committed to honor those who have been honored previously by the Medical Mission Hall of Fame, and he believes that we recognize them by emulating them. Dr. Brickman recently returned from one of his many medical internship trips. His reaction on arriving back home was: “When can we go again?” In 2010, Kris went on a medical mission trip to Haiti to help that country rebuild from a horrific natural disaster. Kris found that to be one of life’s transforming experiences. Since then, he has returned 10 times to Haiti and participated in 20 medical missions to extend the role of The University of Toledo in the world.

Along with serving as a member of UTMC’s medical executive committee over the last 18 years and as faculty senate president in 2007–2008, Dr. Brickman has distinguished his medical career by being deeply involved in numerous other institutional committees. In addition, Kris has been extensively involved with research activities and professional publications with medical students.

From Bryan, Ohio, to Chengdu, China, during the last 10 years he has visited 25 other countries along the way and has volunteered his talents to others in the People to People Ambassadors Program.

Kris is a man on the go with a mission who doesn’t have time to waste precious moments of life.