The Medical Mission

Anne Ruch, MD and Randall Ruch, PhD, MPH.
Toledo, OH

Since 1998, the Ruch’s have lead short-term mission trips to Guatemala after witnessing the deplorable conditions of the people living in a garbage dump and promising them that they would make a meaningful difference in their community.  Nine years later, SewHope, their non-profit organization was formed which signifies the hope of Shannon E. Wilson, a young physician who had an abounding compassion for the people of Guatemala, who died in 2006 before her dreams could be fulfilled. SewHope now provides health care, nutrition, education, spiritual growth and opportunity to marginalized people in one of the most neglected parts of the world. 

SewHope volunteers have helped provide clean water, safe and efficient wood stoves, community gardens and a program that provides vitamins on a daily basis to every child in seven local villages.  They have also has partnered with Kids Against Hunger to distribute over one-million meals to school children, poor families and others in need including victims of floods and hurricanes in Guatemala.

The Ruch’s altruistic mission also lead them to form a local non-profit organization, Compassion Health Toledo, so they could address the healthcare shortage in a medically under-served area of Toledo.  This faith-based Community Care Center accepts new patients regardless of the ability to pay, provides Spanish-speaking healthcare providers and improves access to care for patients with complex health problems who are at risk for poor health outcomes.  There are plans to add dental and behavioral health services in the near future as they continue to work on the clinic located in one of the poorest areas of the city. 

Their commitment to the underserved locally and abroad provides inspiration to all who care for those in need.